A Beautiful Entrance Hall with Noa and Nani

Our extension has completely transformed our home and given us so much more living space – with new spaces and changing the way we use the old spaces too. When we were planning the extension I knew that I wanted to incorporate an entrance space around our new side door. It’s the way a lot of people come into our home and it’s the door we will often use for the school run, trips to the park or our little adventures so it’s only right that there was somewhere for coats and shoes, right there where we need them.

I looked everywhere for a unit that could hold both coats and shoes. I wanted something streamlined that wouldn’t take up too much space. I wanted the children to be able to sit at it to put their shoes on and I wanted it to be really practical – not something that just looked nice but something that really worked for us as a family.

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Seamless Living with Beko’s Integrated Appliances

When we started planning our extension – and our new kitchen – I had a small list of things I wanted. I wanted a utility room, a downstairs toilet, a bookshelf for my cookbooks and integrated appliances. I wanted the space to feel roomy and uncluttered, streamlined and without bulky appliances spoiling the look.

The kitchen plans were drawn up and Howdens, who we bought the kitchen from, had automatically included their own appliances but I knew I would rather shop around and have more choice than they could give.

In the end, although we got the appliances from a lot of different retailers they all ended up being Beko – they’re a brand I know and love, having had so many of their appliances in the past, and they are also affordable, being at the cheaper end of the appliance market.

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Fantastic Services After Builders Clean – and Giveaway!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly or follows me on social media will know that we have spent the last few months having an extension built and although I am quite a laid back person there have been times where it’s all got a bit much – especially the never ending dust.

By the time the building work was coming to an end we knew that we needed help with the cleaning. Hubby and I had very little energy left and the extension, although beautiful, had so much that needed to be cleaned. It had plaster splattered everywhere, sawdust on the floor and just dust in every space imaginable. The lounge wasn’t much better – with the TV, toys and every surface caked in dust.

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Updating LP’s Room with a Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy

Over the last month or so we have been updating LPs bedroom. The building work meant that we had to plaster her room, and paint it again – leading to a big sort out, new carpet and a whole new space for LP.

When we were rearranging the room we looked for furniture and accessories that could last a long time, grow with LP and be really functional as well as looking nice in her room. We were sent a Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy for LP to use next to her bed and it couldn’t have been any more perfect for her.

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Prestige Flowers Review and Giveaway!

There is something so nice about having flowers in the house and as we’ve been living with building work for the last few months when Prestige Flowers sent us a bouquet to review it instantly made our house feel much more homely again – and it was just the boost we needed.

Prestige Flowers Review and Giveaway!

I love buying flowers online but they are often so expensive and I usually get drawn to the same well known florists so when I had a look at the Prestige Flowers website I was impressed with the great value bouquets as well as the huge range of flowers – with ones suitable for every occasion.

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