Collecting Leaves {The Ordinary Moments}

If there’s one thing the children have loved since they were first able to walk it’s collecting leaves. Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing the children will find leaves to pick up, hold onto and ultimately take home with us, wanting to keep them safe forever.

Both Little Man and LP love to pick up leaves. They’re like homing pigeons where leaves are concerned and even if there are just one or two on the ground the children will find them, picking them up and saving them from their life on the floor.

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Speech {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man amazes me every day. He’s so clever and he knows so much, learning new things constantly. But, one thing that may be holding him back slightly is his speech. We always knew that, although his vocabulary was amazing for a three year old, his pronunciation wasn’t quite there and he would say the first consonant of each word and then the vowels, rolling the rest of the word into one.

We didn’t really think too much of it though, knowing that he was still young and that as he gets older he’ll learn to say more words the correct way but when he started preschool the teachers mentioned to us that we should probably get a referral for speech therapy – obviously knowing that he wasn’t quite where he should be.

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I Spy {The Ordinary Moments}

I can’t remember when we first started to play I Spy but it’s something we always play in the car, a way of passing long journeys and something everyone can join in with. But, we always played I spy with my little eye something that is blue – or red, or orange. You get the idea.

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Four Forever {The Ordinary Moments}

Last summer, in the early hours of the morning of LP’s fifth Birthday she woke up crying. Really crying, because she didn’t want it to be her Birthday. She wanted to be four forever.

This little girl had experienced such a great year – a year of starting school, her first time on an aeroplane and her first proper family holiday abroad. She was at the end of the best summer she had ever had and she just didn’t want anything to change. She wanted everything to carry on – and she wanted to hold onto that by being four forever.

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Her First Necklace {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has always loved jewellery but she has never had proper jewellery – just plastic necklaces and bracelets or ones made out of beads. But, for Christmas, her grandparents bought her a fairy necklace, her very first grown up piece of jewellery – and she pretty much hasn’t taken it off since.

LP loves being girly – wearing pretty dresses, having bows in her hair and wearing shoes made for dancing. Jewellery is an extension of this and her new necklace has made her just so happy. I don’t let her wear it overnight, or to school, but she puts it on the minute she wakes up at the weekend and takes it off again before bed. She would wear it all day every day if she could.

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