Back to the School Run {The Ordinary Moments}

The last week has really seen us getting back into our typical routine. We’ve had school runs, Hubby’s shifts, blog work and all the other stuff that comes with being both a parent and a blogger. It’s been a busy week but one that I am glad is over – it has been tough on all of us.

Getting up in the morning is hard. Getting the children up in the morning is hard. But we just plough on and somehow everyone gets to school, I breathe a sigh of relief and watch the time pass so quickly before it’s time to pick them up again.

Mornings are hard for all of us but we are trying to do little things each morning that make us all happy, trying to start the day off the right way. LP loves scooting to school – unless she’s that tired that it’s just too much for her. So we’ve been walking to school as much as possible, with her scooting in front, singing to herself and telling me that she’s gone up a level every time she passes a lamp post – no idea what that’s about.

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Winter Walks {The Ordinary Moments}

I am so pleased to be kicking off the year co-hosting The Ordinary Moments with Katie. It has been one of my favourite linkies pretty much since I started blogging and I have joined in religiously, with The Ordinary Moments helping to keep my blog about the things that I started blogging to record in the first place. If you want to start recording these little ordinary moments too – feel free to join in, add the badge and link up at the bottom of the post and find some other lovely blogs to read too.

Since Christmas we have been trying to get out and about as much as possible, making the most of the dry, sunny weather to have some time outdoors. Some days have been bitterly cold but we have made the most of our National Trust membership to go on some lovely winter walks.

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Bed Socks {The Ordinary Moments}

It’s that time of year where we are all wrapping up warmer, the dressing gowns are out and whenever we’re watching TV we’re snuggled in blankets. But this year the children have discovered a new kind of winter warmer – bed socks.

LP and Little Man love nothing more than wearing big fluffy socks to bed. But not just any socks, their preference is for ones with suction cups on the bottom – the non slip dots that slipper socks have on them. Fluffy socks with dots on the bottom make the children’s world go round at the moment.


It’s now part of our bed time routine that once the children are in their pyjamas they’ll ask for bed socks and often won’t be able to go to sleep without them. In the morning they’ll hunt inside their bed for the one sock that always seems to slip off in the night and at weekends they’ll often keep the socks on, a typical addition to any lazy morning or PJ day.

I love how LP and Little Man have these rituals that they share but also that they are so insistent on. The children have always loved routine and this is just one more routine to add to their list. I have always worn fluffy socks – during the day rather than at bedtime – and I love that we all now have matching fluffy socks too!

This is our last Ordinary Moments of the year and we’ll be back on 8th January for a fresh new start and another year of Ordinary Moments. Katie has asked me to co-host Ordinary Moments with her from January so I’m excited to kick that off in a few weeks time. For now, have a lovely Christmas everyone!


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Nursery Rhymes {The Ordinary Moments}

LP and Little Man have a new found obsession and I’m not really sure where it came from. But, when Little Man started preschool he started to learn nursery rhymes too, singing them as a group before coming home each day.

Neither LP or Little Man had really shown an interest in nursery thymes before but when Little Man started singing the familiar tunes in the car on the way home, whilst he was playing or randomly during dinner it made us all smile and LP would often join in, finding a new love of nursery rhymes herself too.


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An Impromptu Day Off School {The Ordinary Moments}

Last Wednesday we got ready in the morning, preparing for a typical day of school for the children but, when we got to school there had been a power cut and so school was out that day.

We went home and had an unplanned day of rest. The children played games, put on their fancy dress clothes and ran around until lunchtime when it all got a bit too much and they asked to go to bed. But we had a compromise and instead I brought their bedding downstairs and they had lunch snuggled on the sofa before watching a movie for a chunk of the afternoon.


Both LP and Little Man have found going back to school quite hard. It’s been tiring and they have been exhausted and emotional most evenings since half term and so it was nice to spend a day relaxing and just spending time together instead of being at school. Obviously, we wouldn’t want a day like that every day – as school is just so important – but it made a welcome change to our normal routine and it’s just nice to slow down and appreciate the simple things every so often.


LP and Little Man had such a nice day at home and were a bit confused as to why they weren’t at school – but they enjoyed just having time together. They went back to school on Thursday refreshed and ready for the end of the week filled with swimming lessons and a star gazing evening for LP. I’m sure I didn’t do anything like that when I was at school!


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