The Hill {The Ordinary Moments}

As a family we have always walked into town, the same route, down residential streets, from when the children were babies and I’d wander there each day to get out of the house, go to the post office, the library or anywhere else we needed to go. But from there I remember LP being a toddler and wanting to be out of the pushchair, walking along holding my hand whilst I pushed the pushchair along with the other. But on these walks she would see something, something she loved instantly – a hill next to the pavement, between the road and a little row of houses. Even back then she would climb the hill and stand on the top, as happy as can be.

Before long Little Man was here and we’d moved across to a pushchair and a buggy board, with LP hopping off every time we walked past that hill. She would do it on the way into town, the way home and before long on the way home from school too. Climbing the hill and standing on the top was always a special treat, something she looked forward to and something that made her just so happy.

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Double Parents’ Evening {The Ordinary Moments}

This week saw a mammoth event in our lives. It was the first time both LP and Little Man had parents’ evening at school – with LP in Year 1 and Little Man in Nursery. I timed them twenty minutes apart, right at the start of the evening knowing that as the evening progresses the sessions tend to get later and later.

LP’s teacher was so lovely. She has always reassured me that LP has no problems and it was the same story this week. LP is keeping up with her classmates, has a natural love of learning and is excelling where reading, writing and maths is concerned. She always listens, is quite shy so doesn’t answer questions unless asked directly but always knows the answers.

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‘Mummy, am I the Future?’ {The Ordinary Moments}

Neither Little Man or LP have really started to understand the concept of time yet. They know getting up time, breakfast time, school time, lunch time, home time, dinner time, bath time and bed time but they don’t really know what actual time that any of these things happen. On top of this they don’t have much concept of the past, present or future but LP has started learning about things like tenses at school and so her questions, and understanding, have taken a giant leap forward.

LP has been asking about the past, about things like what it was like for Hubby and I growing up, where we lived, where we went to school and more about our families and where everyone is now. She has been asking question after question, whether – on the way to school – breakfast was the past and whether yesterday and last week were the past too.

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His Own Friends {The Ordinary Moments}

Being a second child means that you tend to follow in your older sibling’s footsteps. Little Man inherited LP’s friends, he tagged along to Birthday parties that she was invited to and went on playdates with us when her friends invited us to soft play, a day out or tea at their house. But until now he hasn’t really had friends of his own.

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Magazines {The Ordinary Moments}

We have a little bit of a tradition in our house – magazines. Whenever we go on a long journey, a couple of hours in the car, we pick magazines up for the children to keep them entertained, have a little treat and be something else to do that doesn’t involve staring at the in-car DVD players.

LP and Little Man love magazines – there’s always a free toy or other treat with them and the pages are full of bright colours and so much to look at. They spend hours scouring the pages, reading stories, looking at pictures and doing activities – a magazine to them is like the most wonderful treat – and one that just keeps on giving.

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