When Buying Cards is just so Hard

Some people walk into card shops, choose cards that jump out at them and are on their way within a matter of minutes. But sometimes buying cards is just so hard, and something that I have come to dread at various times of my life.

When I was a child, growing up, I spent so long choosing the perfect cards. Ones that had lots of words in that said exactly what I wanted to say, ones with a picture that suited the person perfectly. But then I grew up, life happened, and buying cards just wasn’t the same anymore.

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The Outdated Regulations of Giving Blood

I gave blood for the first time last week and it was a pretty ok experience. It took an hour or so out of my evening but I got to sit, child free, and read my book, catch up on social media or just enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. At the end I got crisps, biscuits and a glass of juice and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that I had probably helped a life to be saved.

But, the whole process also got me thinking. When blood is in such high demand why are we so strict on who donates?

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Bullying: Why I can’t just ‘get over it and move on’

Last weekend I decided to confront someone about the way they had been talking about me for months behind the closed doors of a Facebook group. I told them that the things they were saying were not just unfounded and with no real cause but were vile and much the same as I had heard all those years ago in the school playground. Their response?

‘People are bored of the whole bullying thing. It happened, it was shit. Get over it and move on.’

I hadn’t mentioned bullying but they obviously realised that their behaviour amounted to that and they really couldn’t understand why, even now, 16 years after leaving school and three years after writing about being bullied, I was still talking about it. Why being bullied was still a topic of conversation for me.

Bullying: Why I can't just 'get over it and move on'

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An Open Letter to Chris Bryant

Dear Chris Bryant

Yesterday was National Kiss a Ginger Day, a day that I wrote about last year and a day, quite frankly, that shouldn’t exist. Contrary to what you may think, my dislike for the day is not about the word ginger being used – it’s not a term I find offensive and it tends to only be seen as derogatory by people who don’t themselves have ginger hair. My dislike of the day runs much deeper.

However, I thought that this year the day would go unmarked. That people wouldn’t, this year, send me kisses on social media and instead it could just be swept under the carpet, losing impact as each year goes by. But no. The day after the supposed National Kiss a Ginger Day I wake up to the news that you, Mr Bryant, MP of Rhondda, had taken it upon yourself to wish John Bercow a Happy Kiss a Ginger Day in the House of Commons.

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Female Empowerment or just Creating a Bigger Divide?

I’m not a feminist – in all honesty, I don’t even know what the word means. But, I am a woman and I believe that as women we deserve as much opportunity, as much respect, as much freedom and the same choices as men. I don’t think men and women will ever be equal – as there are some things each gender just aren’t built to do and aren’t made to cope with. But, I believe that men and women should be treated fairly regardless of their gender.

But over the last few years there have been some phrases that have made me uncomfortable – and more and more phrases are joining the pack as time goes on – Mumpreneur, Mumboss, Momboss and even Fempreneur. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a Dadpreneur, a Dadboss or a Mas(culine)preneur. Why? Because there is just no need for those words and I don’t think any men would even think to use them, let alone stand behind them, as a collective, giving weight to words that we just don’t need.

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