What sort of Digital Imprint are we leaving for our Children?

As a blogger I am really aware of having our whole lives online. I always have our family security at the back of my mind, not wanting to give away too much. I have always seen this blog, foremost, as a place to record memories and milestones, to really document the children growing up. But, unlike a photo album, or reminiscing with relatives this blog is out there for the world to see, for everyone to read and have an opinion on for years to come.

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Introducing blogfoster UK – A New Way to Match Brands with Influencers!

*This is a sponsored post

As a blogger I am always looking for new brands to work with, new ways to work with brands and any opportunities to collaborate. But more than that I like to share opportunities and share the places to look for work so that all bloggers get as much opportunity as possible to earn money and grow their own space online.

I have written about blogger networks a lot in the past and I am always shouting about any new networks that I come across in the hope that other people will sign up and more bloggers will get work doing this thing we all love so much. blogfoster UK is my latest find in the world of influencer marketing, a platform to match brands with influencers – and bloggers like myself.

blogfoster UK

blogfoster UK launched in Germany but is now reaching out to bloggers in the UK – I signed up immediately, always liking to give something new a try and I loved the professional feel of the website.

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Just Keep Writing: Why Nothing Else Matters

I read a lot of blogs and I talk to a lot of bloggers and one thing that always comes up, in conversation or just mentioned on social media and Facebook groups is changing blog name, changing theme or tweaking their header.

There are things on a blog that will make or break it – some names an easily be outgrown – like my old Redhead Babyled, a name I didn’t think about at all before I chose it. A theme can get bogged down and sluggish and difficult to navigate. Header images can date, with many bloggers now opting for simple text headers for more longevity.

But, if your blog name is fine, your theme is fine and your header works – why keep changing things? Why keep tweaking? Instead, that time could be used elsewhere, to do that ever growing to-do list or to create more content. To write posts that you love to write about, things you want to share and add photos that really illustrate your writing and help readers engage with your posts.

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My Blogging Kit

I thought I’d write about what things I use for blogging – and what things I used when I started out as it might help others looking to make an investment or just see that you can blog regularly and don’t need the top of the range technology.

When I first started blogging seriously I bought myself a Chromebook and it was definitely a great investment. Everything is run through the Chrome browser and you can download apps for it too but it’s basically an internet based laptop. You can’t install software on it but you can use things like Google Sheets, Google Docs and Picmonkey.

My Chromebook let me access all my files anywhere in the world and was so lightweight and portable, weighing next to nothing. The only downside was storage space – I had to invest in an external hard drive to store photos on.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing to Readers and Brands

Over the last year or so I’ve been offering bloggers free blog critique. It’s something I do purely to give back to the blogging community and since I started offering this service I have critiqued well over two hundred blogs. It’s something I enjoy and something that has always been really well received and appreciated.

From doing the critiques I have realised that there are many simple ways that you can make your blog more appealing to either readers or brands – or both, depending on what your aim for your blog is. But most people would like their blogs to be easy to read but also enjoyable to read. They’d like them to look nice and for people to want to read them – and for brands to want to work with them.

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