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I love finding things that are a bit different and a bit more personal than things you can find on the high street. When Cartoon This got in contact to tell me about their bespoke illustrations and cartoons I knew immediately that I’d love a cartoon of our family on the wall at home, just as we are now.

You see, this stage we’re at is pretty awesome – LP spends her time either at school or believing she’s a Princess or fairy. Little Man spends every day happy, playing with trains and wanting to be Superman. Hubby and I? We just feel so lucky. So to save this moment in life with a cartoon of us sounded perfect.

Cartoon This asked for a couple of photos of us and anything we’d like included in the cartoon. I asked for Hubby and I to be in jeans, hoodies and Converse – our typical weekend clothes. I also asked for LP to be a fairy and Little Man to be superman. I then sent across the following photos:

_67B8592 (1)

Wishart-038 (1)


Within a week a Cartoon This email arrived in my inbox complete with the following picture of us – I think they’ve done pretty well to capture us without actually knowing us.


Cartoon This produce cartoons of people starting at $20 for 1-2 people in the image or $25 for 3-4 like ours. This price increases gradually the more people you include but having a bespoke illustration created and emailed in a week for $25 is amazing! I’m impressed with not just the speed but with the quality too and love our new cartoon. I’ll be printing it asap to put on the wall.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s just a little bit different or something to hang in your hall then this could well be it – and it’s great value too.

Disclosure: We were sent the above illustration for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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