Review: Butterfly Protector Lottie Doll

LP has never really had any dolls and I had always steered clear of buying her traditional ‘Barbie Dolls’ as I didn’t like the short skirts, high heels and makeup vibe that they had – especially as they were always complete with grown up bodies.

The Natural History Museum Shop asked us if we’d like to review one of their new Lottie Dolls and they looked so different to any dolls I had as a child. We were sent the Butterfly Protector Lottie Doll and I couldn’t wait to see what LP made of her.


Butterfly Protector Lottie looks just like a young girl – as do all Lottie dolls. She is also dressed like a child too and has a completely removeable outfit that really suits the Butterfly Protector role. She comes complete with butterfly net, binoculars, butterflies and a set of butterfly lifecycle cards that I know LP will be learning about at school.



LP loves Butterfly Protector Lottie and can really relate to her and I love the fact that she looks like a great role model for children, presenting characters that children could be without having to grow up too quickly.



Unfortunately our butterfly net broke the first day we used it but everything else seems well made but I would have liked to have seen something included to store all the little pieces in. Other than that we love Lottie and the basis behind her design.


LP loves getting Lottie dressed, combing her hair and helping her to catch butterflies. LP has been taking Lottie everywhere with her, chatting to her and playing games with her. I think Lottie would be a great companion for any child.

Butterfly Protector Lottie has an RRP of £20.00


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are our own.

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