Britmums, BMWs and Jam #LittleLoves

Woah I’m on a Little Loves roll – two posts in two weeks. Amazing! I have a feeling I am back on it and will try and keep with it each week going forward – fingers crossed! So here we are with a few things I’ve been loving this week:


The main post that stands out for me is this one from Stevie at A Cornish Mum. Most of the blogging world, or so it felt like it, was at Britmums Live last weekend. It was a great event – I was all about the socialising and because of that I had THE BEST time. I met so many new people, didn’t stop smiling and loved the whole thing.


But, like Stevie, I didn’t win the award I was up for. But I am so proud to have been nominated and to have reached the final five in my category. For me, that is huge and something I never expected. Being thought highly enough of to have your name put in a box – when they could choose literally anyone is an incredible feeling. Thanks so much to anyone that voted.


I haven’t watched much this week apart from Pam’s BMW video. How awesome is this? Can you believe she has very little video experience? This looks so professional. So proud of her!


Following on from last week’s Coldplay theme Hubby and I watched Coldplay’s Glastonbury set on Sunday night. It was awesome although the sound wasn’t as good as I’d hoped – and seeing them live was so much better BUT their duet with Barry Gibb was pretty spectacular and you could tell how much Chris Martin was in his element. Living the dream!


This week I haven’t worn anything special at all although I did wear a dress at Britmums Live that made me look a lot slimmer than I feel – it’s awesome when that happens. Plus, because I am such an amazing blogger I don’t even have a photo of me in it. Fail!


This week I’ve made so many jars of strawberry jam – and will be making more soon. Strawberries have taken over our garden and at the moment we are picking 2kgs every couple of days – it’s madness. But it inspired me to write about how to grow strawberry plants as they are just so easy!


and Lastly

Apart from Britmums Live this has been a pretty ordinary week. It’s given me time to get over my Britmums come down and get back to reality. I now have work for the next couple of days but a lovely family day out on Sunday – fingers crossed for sun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Little Loves

15 thoughts on “Britmums, BMWs and Jam #LittleLoves

  1. I think I need to watch this Coldplay set at Glastonbury, everyone is talking about it! I feel like I am missing out! I am shocked that Pam has little video experience! Its very professional! I always love watching snippets into bloggers lives! Have a wonderful weekend #LittleLove
    Anna-Marie recently posted…WHAT WE LOVED | JUNEMy Profile

  2. I’m so proud of Pamela too! She did an amazing job and strives for perfection. So proud to call you both my close friends of over 4 years! Nuts how quickly time has passed. I’m gutted I wasn’t at BML this year – looks like you had a great time though. Love ya xxx
    Steph recently posted…Me and Mine – June 2016My Profile

  3. It was so lovely to finally meet you lovely at BML this year. It was a great one wasn’t it? Loving Pam’s video she is so talented and so amazing. The sweetest person I have ever met too. It’s been so busy lately hasn’t it. Hoping you have a quiet relaxing weekend ahead. #littleloves

  4. Brit mums looked truly fab and somewhere i am going to have to try and make it to in the future, glad you had a lovely time. I can’t believe how many strawberries you’ve been getting. Slugs seem to be on ours before we get a chance to pick them. LB has managed to eat one but i am desperate to taste one we’ve grown ourselves in our little garden. Have a lovely weekend x

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