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Hubby loves a good pint and when Brewbarrel got in touch to introduce us to their home brew kits I knew it would be the kind of thing that would appeal to Hubby – as well as countless other people across the country! I’ll pass over to Hubby for this review…


Brewbarrel is a simple, quick and easy approach to the joy and satisfaction of making your own beer at home. Brewbarrel is a simple way to make five litres of your very own brew, with literally thousands of flavour combinations from five different styles of beer: Lager, pilsner, wheat beer, pale ale and dark beer. There are so many different flavours from a simple lemon infusion to mouth watering chilli. You can even combine as many flavours as you like to make beer that is unique to you.


With Christmas coming up, I was more than happy to have a go at a specially recommended barrel… Yes, the obligatory Christmas Beer! On top of the standard strong lager base came a flavour mix addition of spices including orange, juniper berries, cinnamon, cloves, multi-coloured pepper corns and star anise. This has been created especially for Christmas time and is a best seller at this time of year.


A clear and easy to use instruction sheet is included in the kit. Each ingredient bottle is clearly numbered in the order that it should be added to the barrel. If you can read and count, you can use a Brewbarrel kit. My only complaint with the mixing process  was that it can be difficult to get some of the ingredients into the barrel due to the size of the bottle necks and the size of the hole in the top of the barrel being almost identical. This lead to a bit of spillage, especially with the more viscous ingredients (hops, flavour mix). A small funnel would have made a great addition to the kit just to make things a bit easier for a complete home brewing novice like me!  This issue was overcome by a little perseverance and a steady hand!


Once all the ingredients were added and I managed to seal the plug (a gentle tap with a hammer helped!), the waiting game took place. Now, traditionally home brew kits can take anywhere between two weeks and a month before you get your hands on the finished product. Brewbarrel beer is ready in just SEVEN days, and boy is it good! It is to be left at room temperature for the first five days and then refrigerated for the last two. I had an issue with the refrigeration part as the barrel was too tall for my fridge shelves! I could have rearranged the inside of the fridge, but instead I took advantage of the recent cold snap and and simply put the barrel outside. Perfect solution!

The finished product is an absolute pleasure. It is easy to drink and is somewhat satisfying that I made it myself. With five whole litres to get through, it has given me a warm Christmassy feeling for quite a few evenings on the trot!


The Christmas Brewbarrel Kit has an RRP of £29.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

127 thoughts on “Review: Brewbarrel

  1. I don’t drink beer so I don’t know.. but my partner drinks beer like there was no tomorrow, so he’d love this.

  2. I have just ordered the Oktoberfest style beer as a gift for my Mum’s partner after seeing this post (great gift idea, he will love it!) and I would also love to win one for myself – would love to brew my own!!

  3. I wouldn’t mind trying the Pale Ale with Lemongrass and Oak! Sounds like an interesting combination. I recently made a batch of cider at home using a kit from Kilner(the jar people) and was really surprised with the results, I did not expect the quality to be so high. I think that home brew kits from the past have given these things a bit of a bad rep, but I’d love to try this one out!

  4. My other half loves Belgian beers but i wont pretend to know what makes them so i would have to leave that selection up to him 🙂

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