Review: BrainBox First Numbers

Last week we reviewed the BrainBox First Colours game and this week we are back with another in the series – First Numbers.

Review: BrainBox First Numbers

The BrainBoxΒ First Numbers game is a great addition to the series, helping to teach children numbers but also practice the numbers they already know. The game consists of a lot of thick card squares which are double sided. Each card has multiples of an object on one side and then the other side asks how many of each thing was on the reverse.

Review: BrainBox First Numbers

When we started playing this game LP wasn’t very sure of some numbers, or the different objects and would often count the number of items wrong but after a couple of weeks of playing she has worked out how to count properly and loves to count the things on the cards – dolls, fish, apples etc.

Review: BrainBox First Numbers

The game has also taught LP a few objects that she didn’t know the names for which is a great addition to the game and one that LP loves as she really enjoyed learning new words.

Review: BrainBox First Numbers

The cards with multiples of the same object on only go up to five with counting but then the other half of the cards have actual numbers written on so the child can recognise the digits for example cakes with number candles on the top rather than a certain number of candles. LP isn’t quite at this stage yet and finds it hard to recognise numbers but I know in time she’ll love playing this half of the game too.

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

84 thoughts on “Review: BrainBox First Numbers

  1. The first numbers game looks great. I’d like to give my daughter the best start to learning and begin introducing numbers as early as I can πŸ™‚

  2. The “my first science” looks great, and good for my husband and me as we both love science!

  3. I’d like to give the British history game a try. I could see my nearly 3 year old liking the colors game because she’s obsessed with saying the colors of everything.

  4. The first numbers one would be fab. My little boy can count to 11 but I’m not sure he realises what he’s counting at times lol x

  5. First Numbers would be great. I work with small children, who are often struggling mathematicians. This could be helpful!

  6. First numbers looks great, I was never very confident at maths and hope to encourage my son early on so he doesn’t inherit my problems with numbers!

  7. thank you this would be fab for my son i would love to use the numbers one because he is delayed with his speech these look perfect to encourage this and help him learn thank you x

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