Blog Birthday – Lindam Giveaway! (competition now closed)


Yesterday I wrote that August would be full of giveaways to celebrate my blog’s very first Birthday. I’m starting off with a giveaway from Lindam!

Lindam are such a huge name in the world of family safety products and a name that I have been aware of for years – I had Lindam products in my house when I was growing up and we chose Lindam products over competitors when we had LP – Lindam baby gates, plug socket covers and even a door bouncer. More recently we have had the opportunity to review a play pen and bed rail amongst other products from Lindam’s ranges.


Lindam are definitely a brand I am proud to be working with and a brand that have helped to keep my children safe at home, in the car and on holiday. I’m sure Lindam products will feature in our lives for years to come!


Choosing Lindam means parents have the assurance in knowing that all products have been designed with babies and toddlers in mind. Quality is second to none, designed and developed through extensive research, manufactured using the safest and where necessary strongest materials and tested in the best laboratories around the world to ensure they are the safest in the market.


So you can see for yourself just how great Lindam are, they are giving away a Home Safety Kit to three lucky readers! Three whole chances to win! To be in with a chance of winning please enter using the Rafflecopter below. To see the rest of the #AwesomeAugust giveaways click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

89 thoughts on “Blog Birthday – Lindam Giveaway! (competition now closed)

  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Yeah!

    I would sort out my plug holes with covers! I could also do with some drawer and cupboard locks on certain drawers and cupboards that the kids always seem to jam their fingers in or have items in I want the children to not touch! Thank you x

  2. I would put a safety gate up at the top of the stairs because my daughter has a habit of getting out of bed in the middle of the night and I’m afraid that she might fall down the stairs.

  3. Use plug covers (for electric sockets) , as children can be so curious. Once mobile they quickly want to touch and explore everything.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday!

    Definitely some locks on the kitchen drawers and cupboards. My little one has just figured out how to open these and that there are lots of ‘interesting’ things inside! Definitely need to prevent her getting into these. Just leave her with access to the pots & pans etc! She can have fun with those!

  5. My little one has just started crawling/ climbing and is obsessed with my TV cabinet which has a number of drawers/ cupboards which he keeps opening. They’re full of bits I really do’t want him to play with, so I’d pop locks on all of them!

  6. I’d put locks on the kitchen and utility cupboards that have glasses and cleaning products in them as my grandson likes to inspect everywhere when he visits x

  7. I would put the cupboard locks on my kitchen cupboards as my eldest managed to break the safety gate wall catch yesterday! My youngest is getting very mobile and I am having to watch her like a hawk!

  8. Since baby is getting to the point where childproofing is going to a big priority very soon, we have a lot to do – attaching heavy furniture to walls is our major priority, but we also need to put locks on all the cupboards, deal with plug holes and do something about our television stand and all the shiny electronic devices it contains.

  9. put another stair gate in at the top of the stairs, we have one at the bottom but not at the top so need another one 🙂

  10. Cupboard locks – definitely. My daughter has just started pulling herself up to stand – walking will not be far off I’m sure and then she’ll be in to everything!

  11. id sort the cupboard locks out ! my youngest is at the crawling and standing up stage and it opening all the drawers and cupboards, shes running me ragged!

  12. The first think I would do is put the locks on the cupboards that my daughter can reach – I ve lost count of the amount of time she has pulled all the saucepans out the cupboard

  13. If I won I’d give them to my sister as she has a 2 year old and has just found out she’s expecting! !!

  14. My son is just about on the move, more of a drag rather than a crawl but he’s obsessed with the tv cabinet so something to secure the drawers would be very helpful.

  15. secure the kitchen cupboards,maybe this will baffle the older kids and stop them from taking things they shouldnt,lol x

  16. The cupboard under my sink so I can put my cleaning things back in there rather than have them above my fridge in a box.

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