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One thing I love in life is getting a bargain and I try to not pay full price for anything as often as possible. I use a lot of websites in my search of reduced prices, discount codes and cashback and one website I have been finding invaluable is Beat My Price.

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Beat My Price is such a great resource for finding products, services, holidays and even days out at a great price. Add to this the fact that you can tell Beat My Price something you would like to buy and it can then find it for you at the best possible price – often saving up to 10%. For example, I am looking to upgrade my camera and have my eye on the Canon 70D. I copied the link to the camera from a large online retailer into the Beat My Price website and it searched for a better price – letting me know the best possible price within 48 hours.

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In the end Beat My Price emailed me just a couple of hours later to let me know they had secured the camera for a reduced rate of 2% less than the price I had originally found it for, saving me £17. It’s not a huge saving but if you are looking to buy something then it is a saving none the less.

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It’s very simple to sign up to Beat My Price and completely free to do so. Once signed up you can browse offers whenever you like, look at the highlights of that day and even use the mobile app to look at offers on the go.

The highlights cover everything from jewellery to TVs and even a MacBook Air. There could be anything and it’s this section that makes me check back daily to make sure that I’m not missing a fantastic offer. Most of these offers have free delivery too making it a great place to look for gifts or just a treat for yourself.

Hubby and I are currently organising a couple of trips, so I decided to browse elsewhere on the Bespoke Offers site, and found a day in London with the children for their first London sightseeing experience and then a weekend away for us for our anniversary. So far we have been able to get London Bus Tours at half the standard price and we’re looking to book a break in Gloucestershire for less than £80 including dinner!

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Overall Beat My Price is simple to use, does all the legwork for you when finding deals and really does save you money. It now sits firmly on my favourites and will be one of my go-to apps for the foreseeable future! If you haven’t used it yet, check it out.

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