Review: Beer Hawk’s Black Belt Gift Set

A bit of a generalisation, but form my experience most men like beer which means that this Fathers Day beer would be a really awesome gift. But you don’t just want to get any old bottles of beer, you need really nice beer – presented nicely as a gift should be. This is where Beer Hawk comes in.

Beer Hawk hunt out the world’s best beers to create an online store that has different styles of beer from countries all around the world. They sell individual beers, cases of beer and even have a beer subscription club – beer to your door every single month!

Beer Hawk sent us their Black Belt gift set which sums up what Beer Hawk are all about. It contains four different beers in a really nice, sturdy gift box and with a beer tasting guide too so that you can learn all about beer whilst you’re drinking.


The set includes four different styles of beer – a crisp, refreshing lager, a summery wheat ale, a bold IPA and a dark, rich porter or stout. Each box is different, as Beer Hawk select which beers to put in the set but the different styles of beer make for a really varied drinking experience.


The Black Belt set would make a fantastic gift this Fathers Day or at any other occasion through the year – the perfect gift for any beer fan.

The Black Belt set has an RRP of £20.00

Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

132 thoughts on “Review: Beer Hawk’s Black Belt Gift Set

  1. The Trappist ale mixed case is by far my favourite as Trappists can be tricky to get hold of so to have a great selection in one package is a great idea.

  2. The Fruh Kolsch – this is the local beer from where my mum lives in Germany and i often have to bring this back – now I know where to find it!

  3. I thought I hadn’t tried their beers but then I saw someone commented that brew dog in their favourite, which I love!

  4. OHs birthday soon and he loves trying different beers think the stout might be something different for him to try

  5. I like the sound of the dark beers and its a really good idea of a mixed case so you can get to try out different styles

  6. Which one is my fave? That’s like choosing between my imaginary kids. Some are better for different occasions, but at the end of the day they are all awesome. Beer is awesome. I want to drink beer forever. I want to bathe in beer. I will change my first name to beer and my last as well. Beer Beer is what they will call me. I will get in touch with the brainbox scientists and get them to create a beer-wife for me. I want to go to space and meet aliens to give them beer.

    I know that’s probably gone too far, but goddamn do I love beer.

  7. A Little Beery Mixed Case (10 bottles) – looks really interesting, and would all exploration of different flavours.

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