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We were recently sent a box of goodies from the lovely people at BEAR. The package included their Alphabites and Cocoa Alphabites cereals as well as a lot of craft materials for LP and Little Man to create monsters in order to celebrate the launch of monster magnets in Alphabites boxes.


The children loved the crafts and LP managed to make a pretty good monster with a little help. She also loved the magnets, as did Little Man, and they spent ages lining them up on the fridge! Each Alphabites box contains four magnets, each representing a different letter of the alphabet with a monster character. There are also four little speech bubble magnets to that help children play with the magnets by making the monsters say different phrases – all from the front of the fridge!


We have tried the normal Alphabites cereal a few times now and it isn’t one of the children’s favourite cereals but they love to eat it dry straight out the packet as a snack – this is something we started with other cereals when we were weaning. This was the first time that they had tried the Alphabites Cocoa though and both of them loved it. To me, it tasted a lot more natural than other chocolate cereals, not as sweet and it didn’t turn the milk as chocolatey either which is a good thing – I’d rather they ate cereal than leave it just to turn the milk chocolatey!


BEAR Alphabites are free of salt and free of refined sugars and a definite healthier alternative to other children’s cereals. Overall our delivery from BEAR was a huge success and we’ll be buying Alphabites Cocoa in the future – even just to make a full set of monster magnets!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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