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One of the first things I bought when I started going to blogging events was an external battery charger. To be honest, I have no idea how I lasted 29 years without one of these in my life! They hold enough power to charge your phone, tablet or anything else that you can charge through USB and fit discreetly into a pocket or bag for easy access charging.


RAVPower are giving awayย aย Luster 6000mAh External Battery Charger to one lucky reader. This charger has a huge amount of power in a mini design that also incorporates a torch to make it even more useful!


Here’s some more information:

  • 6000mAh high capacity, the 2 top-rated 3000mAh battery cells enable you run 7 extra hours for iPad, 2-3 times full charge or 30 hrs extra talk, 120 hrs extra music and 2-3 charges for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy s4 and most other phones
  • Compact & Portable design ensures you the perfect On-the-Go experience. Mini smart outside but giant and powerful inside enable you to fit it into your bag or pocket easily.
  • Duo purpose design: Power bank and a flashlight for night and darkness use
  • Output: DC 5V 2.1A; Input: DC 5V 1.5A; 5 intelligent LED status bar indicates the current battery status
  • Package includes: RAVPower 6000 External Battery; 1 USB Charging Cable; 1 free flannel bag; detailed using instructions.


If you would like the chance to win your very own External Battery Charger, please enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I have not been compensated in any way for running this competition.

129 thoughts on “RAVPower Giveaway!

  1. I would love to win the RAVPower External Battery Charger. It would be so useful whenever we go for days out or for longers stays away camping ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the giveaway x

  2. Because my phone battery always goes dead at the most inconvenient times so winning one of these would give me a nice ‘boost’

  3. I spend far too much time on my phone and my battery is usually run down by lunchtime so this would be very handy ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I would love to give it to my grown up daughter as often when she is out her phone battery dies and I am unable to contact her. This would help give me some small peace of mind if she had the Ravpower External battery charger in her handbag.

  5. I am always running out of battery as I love playing Candy Crush and my daughter also loves playing with my phone.

  6. I haver to do a long boring bus and rain journey twice a week, and being able to use my notebook as much as I want would enliven it

  7. Because my husband lost his charger and now I have to share mine with him but he takes mine to work with him on nights and I am left charging mine quickly for a few hours before I go to work its annoying at least he can have this to take to work with him

  8. I need one of these as my phone always runs out due to me taking pictures of my baby dog. She always looks cute and I never want to miss a moment!

  9. I have an old charger and, whilst it has been so, so useful on occasion, it is just too large. This looks perfect! And I love the torch aspect to it. Very nifty!

  10. My phone battery is always running low when I am out and this would be a life saver rather than having to locate a plug all the time!

  11. This would be great to use when we are in our caravan, I’m always forget my charger and a week with no phone makes mummy very grumpy lol

  12. There is nothing worse than being out somewhere constantly looking at your phone battery dwindling down and being afraid to use it for fear of draining it. This would solve that problem… great product!

  13. I am so rubbish at remembering to charge my phone until two minutes before I leave the house that this would be so handy to keep in my handbag for those emergencys!

  14. I would love to win one as I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and if I am browsing the web a lot I find the battery drains quite fast so I feel like I am forever having to charge my phone, the RavPower charger would be ideal for me

  15. I have a busy lifestyle and a family who are always out and about too. I need to be able to contact them and they contact me, but batteries do not seem to last long enough! This would be a great product for me !!

  16. would love to win the RAVPower External Battery Charger because I use my phone as a satnav and the battery drains really quickly. This would help me as I could recharge and still have use of the phone when I get there

  17. My phone is my life – I need one of these to keep me connected ๐Ÿ™‚ Fb, E-mail, Diary it’s all on my phone these days ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. I would love to win this for my son. He is always forgetting to charge his phone and then I can’t get in touch with him.

  19. I’m always forgetting to charge my phone just before going into long meetings. So it’ll be good to charge descretly in them.

  20. Would love this for my phone! I’m always on it on the train when I go to visit my family and always end up in the ‘red zone’ far too soon!!

  21. my children have so many gadgets when out and about this would be very handy as I worry a lot especially about my daughter and youngest son superb prize giveaway

  22. What a life saver. I once got stuck at a remote station after falling asleep on the last train home. I went to call my partner for help and my phone had conked out, to make things worse I had no money on me and it started snowing and not a phone box of person in sight, very scary. So this little gem of a gadget would have been a life saver.

  23. I’m always on the move with work, and often end up trying to eek out as much life out of my phone as the little symbol completely empties… This would be so useful, I’ll probably buy one if I don’t win!

  24. What a Godsend for forgetful people like myset time and time again I’ve left home
    without charging my phone, go to use my phone and can’t

  25. I would love to win this as I am forever forgetting to make sure my phone is fully charged before leaving the house and it always runs out half way the day :-S

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