Bath Time Fun with Johnson’s Submarine Bath Toy

The children love bath time. It may be their favourite time of the day – unless they’re super tired in which case it’s torture for all of us. But most days they really do love our dinner, bath then bed routine.

Bath Time Fun with Johnson's Submarine Bath Toy

Johnson’s sent us a lovely pack of goodies to use during bath time including a new submarine toy – that is also handy storage for a shampoo bottle, a CD of bath time songs and music and a set of waterproof cards to give tips of how to make bath time a really fun experience.

Bath Time Fun with Johnson's Submarine Bath Toy

This set would be great for a new parent with cards giving you prompts to sing with the children, blow bubbles and play with toys. We usually try and make all aspects of bath time fun any way and use it as time to catch up with LP about her school day, practice the alphabet and that sort of thing. During this time Little Man also loves to practice new words he has learnt and for us bath time is about so much more than just cleaning.

Bath Time Fun with Johnson's Submarine Bath Toy

LP and Little Man loved the submarine although it is very much a novelty. They love playing in the bath and we usually save it as a treat for once the cleaning part of bath time is complete. Then they get to play until their time in the bath is up.

Bath Time Fun with Johnson's Submarine Bath Toy

The first one in the bath is the first to get out and then the other has a couple more minutes to practice their swimming! Little Man hasn’t had any swimming lessons yet but has learnt from his sister about kicking his legs and moving his arms and he loves to show us his swimming – as does his sister.

Bath time in our house is a lot of fun and something that we love. The little extras from Johnson’s definitely added to the enthusiasm!

Bath Time Fun with Johnson's Submarine Bath Toy

The Johnson’s Submarine Gift Set has an RRP of £10.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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