Baker Ross Summer Crafts

Over the last couple of weeks the children and I have been getting into the summer spirit with Baker Ross, making all sorts of crafts that are bright and colourful – full of the joys of summer.

One thing I loved making with them was sand art pictures. We were sent self adhesive seaside postcards and bags of coloured sand and it was easy to peel sections from the pictures and then pour sand on, changing colours as you completed different sections.


I’m always a little put out when craft sets need glue so the self adhesive element of these postcards made them not only super easy but also pretty mess free too – aside from the sand. The children made four different sand art pictures between them in an afternoon and really enjoyed it.


An activity the children could do pretty much by themselves was the Elephant Mosaic Magnet kits which they spent an afternoon making. The kits have everything you need to make the magnets including googly eyes which the children loved.


I was amazed that even Little Man, who’s just turned three, could stick the tiny mosaic pieces on by himself and the whole activity kept him entertained throughout – both him and LP really enjoyed it.


We also made really pretty notebooks – another set of kits that have everything you need – and another activity that the children could pretty much do by themselves. They both loved sticking the foam shapes in the right places and once finished they had really cute notepads to write and draw in.


Baker Ross crafts are the perfect way to give the children something different to do, keep them entertained and let them use their creative side. I know that when the summer holidays finally arrive we’ll be stocking up on Baker Ross kits to give us something to do during down time or on the rainy days that we’re bound to have every so often.


Disclosure: We were sent the above crafts to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

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  1. These look like a great idea, I am taking a whole bundle of things like this with me on our holidays to Greece in a couple of weeks so they can have some indoor away from the sun (rather than rain) time.

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