Review: Baker Ross Christmas

LP and Little Man love doing crafts and although they can’t do everything by themselves yet they love it when Hubby and I help them to create something exciting so when Baker Ross sent us some Christmas crafts the children couldn’t wait to get started.


The first thing we made were Polystyrene Snowmen. These are a simple idea of a polystyrene ball glued on to a polystyrene base and then decorated. We only managed to get one of the snowman’s hats to work but Little Man didn’t mind his having a bare head.




We then made Penguin Window Hangers. This is an activity LP really enjoys although it can be fiddly cutting out the different shapes of see-through plastic. LP loved gluing the pieces on, picking the colours and then seeing her finished hanger dangling in the window.


We were also sent Christmas Buckets to make which were the easiest of all the activities and something that LP and Little Man now carry around the house with them. I love the variety in the Baker Ross packs to let the children have different designs – Little Man loves his Snowman Bucket!




We’ve also been colouring in Christmas hangers and making photo frames. The whole Baker Ross Christmas range is fantastic with so many lovely activities – and it’s all great value too!



Disclosure: We were sent the above products to use in this post however all opinions are my own.

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