Review: Back Carry with the Stokke MyCarrier Cool

I have always been a fan of babywearing and since getting the Stokke MyCarrier Cool to review back in February I have been meaning to give back carrying a go with Little Man. LP has always been a fan of piggy backs and I thought Little Man might love this new perspective too!

The MyCarrier Cool has a separate attachment to make back carrying straightforward, The instructions were easy to understand but it did take a little while to take the front carry panel off of the carrier, slide the metal bar into the carrier and attach the back carry section. There were then two zips to do up before I could place Little Man into the carrier on my lap, do up straps around his legs and buckles over his shoulders. At this point Little Man and the carrier basically formed a baby backpack! I was able to put Little Man on my back, do up two buckles one at my waist and one at my chest and off we could go.

Back Carry with the Stokke MyCarrier Cool

Whenever I put Little Man into a back carry now the MyCarrier Cool is set up so that I don’t need to adjust it each time and it will be easier and quicker to put Little Man into it. Once he was in the carrier and on my back he felt secure and his weight was well distributed. It really just felt like I had a 25lb rucksack on my back and the weight didn’t become an issue until a few hours after I put Little Man on my back – I’ve now decided to have a break from the back carry every couple of hours so that Little Man’s weight doesn’t get too much and we can both have a little break.

Back Carry with the Stokke MyCarrier Cool

Our first back carry was at the zoo and Little Man could see the animals as well as his sister, Daddy and I easily. He could look behind him and past me on either side with no problems and could reach to touch a lot too. Little Man seemed happier for longer than he usually was in a pushchair.

I think for ease I would still always opt for a pushchair for Little Man purely because we have LP too and it is easier to carry the change bag and shopping but on days where we are out as a family and where a pushchair isn’t convenient – anywhere with rough terrain or lots of stairs – I would definitely choose to carry Little Man although I think I would prefer it if I could put LM into the carrier whilst wearing it rather than putting him onto my back rucksack style – I had help from Hubby to take him off my back the times I put Little Man into a back carry and don’t think I would be confident using the MyCarrier Cool in back carry mode when out by myself.

Overall, having now used the MyCarrier Cool for a few months we really do like it although as with anything it does have it’s plus points and negatives. It’s harder to set up than other carriers but once you know what you’re doing it is very straightforward and gets quicker each time you use it. You can read our full review of the MyCarrier Cool here.

Back Carry with the Stokke MyCarrier Cool

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