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Have you heard of The Baby Box Co? They have incredibly brought a 75 year old Baby Box tradition from Finland to expectant parents around the world and they will be shipping direct from the UK to British customers from mid-May – making free UK shipping a reality!

But if you haven’t heard of Baby Boxes you will be wondering what I’m talking about. The Baby Box is a stress free way to prepare for a new arrival. It provides a safe sleeping environment for babies and can be purchased as a standalone box or filled to the brim with essentials for any new baby. This can include clothing, mittens, organic teethers, organic wash & burp cloths, bath Supplies, board books and even a membership to Baby Box University.


For added peace of mind you can be assured that the Baby Box Co Baby Boxes are the only internationally safe certified baby boxes in the world. Their patented model meets all relevant ASTM, CPSCP, JPMA, Health Canada and EN standards, and they have passed rigorous inspection – with all materials from the ink on the exterior of the boxes to the glue used in their production are all non-toxic and environmentally safe. Their mattresses are firm foam pads which have been independently certified as non-toxic and safe by CertiPUR laboratories and they have no PBDE flame retardants, no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depleters (CFCs), no mercury, lead or heavy metals and no formaldehyde.

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The Baby Box Co. is launching the first institutional UK Baby Box program at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital the first week of June this year. Dr. Karen Joash is overseeing the initiative and will be using the Baby Box University platform to provide important parenting education material to Baby Box recipients. Baby Box University was developed in conjunction with leading medical experts and includes short form videos, articles, an ‘ask an expert’ feature, e-books and more. All video content is already available in English, French and Spanish and the integral Safe Sleep e-book is also available in Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Hindi and translation of all Baby Box University video content into additional languages is already underway.

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If you have a Baby Box from The Baby Box Co. and you share a picture of your little one practicing safe sleep in their Baby Box by using one of the hashtags #babyboxco #babyboxuk or #mybabybox on social media then The Baby Box Co will send you a free gift too.

I have loved the Finnish Baby Box concept and have always felt that it would be a great initiative to have in the UK. The Baby Box Co has taken that great tradition and made it accessible worldwide and knowing that soon the UK will have free delivery shows that Baby Boxes could soon be as commonplace as moses baskets across the UK.

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Each Baby Box is portable, takes up less space and is more affordable than a standard crib and I know that if we had more children it would definitely be an option for us – especially when filled with baby essentials! A Baby Box would make a fantastic gift for expectant parents and I am sure they will soon be popular gifts for baby showers across the country.


To celebrate The Baby Box Company’s introduction to the UK I am giving away one of their fantastic Nature Boxes to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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58 thoughts on “The Baby Box Co. Giveaway!

  1. I love the fact that you can actually use the box as well as the products inside! Even when baby becomes a toddler it can be used for toy storage! Great idea!

  2. Love the baby box idea, I know the Scottish government is thinking of bringing the idea over as a maternity package for new parents!

  3. I love the whole idea – it would be very reassuring as an expectant mother to know that you’ve got everything you need for at least a little bit, it takes a bit of the pressure and the worry off during what is a really stressful time anyway. And the design of the box is so cute too!

  4. I love the simplicity of the idea – there is so much pressure to have the most fashionable baby items with the associated high expense that these boxes are a nice return to basics.

  5. that it takes up less space, currently thinking what to do as we dont have space for a cot in our room for our growing baby so this would be great!

  6. they are non toxic and saver for the enviroment and their just a unique idea and would make a great present for any expectant mother x

  7. I think my favourite thing is that they seem to have thought of just about everything a mum might need and have gone to great lengths to make sure everything included has passed all the necessary health and safety tests. x

  8. Would be perfect for having at ours ready for when my daughter comes round with her newborn (due to arrive any time now) also love the idea of packing it full of all those essential and useful items. Great storage box for afterwards too for keeping all those precious items you want to keep x

  9. I live the fact it’s not just full of beautiful treats but can be used for storage too
    Wonderful idea

  10. I think this is a great idea. I love how little space it takes up and it looks comfy. I first read about this tradition in a book called ‘That Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson’.

  11. I love the concept! I like best the fact you can buy a box kit, which includes a halo sleep sack to be used when baby is in the box!

  12. I love the baby box as it makes a great gift to a new mom; and has a little bit of everything that is needed.

  13. that there is no waste it gives you the basic essentials, it’s so easy to go overboard on what you think you need

  14. I love that they are so versatile, a place for baby to relax and rest and then when they are too big an extra storage unit, which is always needed as babies become bigger!

  15. Everything you need and a box to keep stuff in! You need all the storage you can get when you have a new baby!

  16. Such a great idea! Multi-use product, everything you could need in one fab box and also has another use for baby! Could it get any better?!?! Really unique!

  17. I never knew a little box could be so safe for a baby to sleep in such a fab idea, i would love these goodies or my baby boy

  18. It provides you with everything you need and a useful box that can be utilised in many ways after!

  19. I love the fact that other countries and companies have started to provide this brilliant product. I come from the country where these are from and my Mum still has the box she received whilst pregnant with me <3

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