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Although we have always been very much into helping LP learn through play and not pushing academic learning on her just yet we have started to introduce toys and games that will help her learn numbers and letters ready for starting school in September. The Appealing Rabbit sent us a set of their Alphabet Cards to review ahead of their UK release.


The Alphabet Cards are good size thick cards which each have a letter of the alphabet on. The set we were sent had a couple of extra cards with letters that don’t appear in the English alphabet but LP still liked looking at the pictures on them! Each card has a glossy finish to it and the set comes with a drywipe pen so that you can write on the cards and erase it easily.


Each alphabet card has a letter on it featured in a beautifully coloured illustration. The child can then trace the outline of the letter or just draw on the card around the letter, giving them a real feel for the shape of each letter.


LP has spent ages writing on the cards and then erasing it, tracing the outlines of the letters and asking us what each letter is – or where the letter is if she can’t quite make it out. She doesn’t yet know her alphabet but these cards are going a long way to making learning letters fun. The letter cards also have a game that you can play by tracing the letters and earning points so fun as well as educational.


The Alphabet Cards set comes in a cardboard case which makes it great for storage but also a great product to take on holiday as it’s so easily transported. I can imagine children of all ages getting something from these cards whether it is just looking at the pictures, practicing writing letters or making up stories around the characters on the cards. The Alphabet Cards are a really beautiful product compared to alternatives on the market. They’re well made and I know we’ll be using them for a long time to come.


The Alphabet Card Game has an RRP of Β£9.90

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

69 thoughts on “Review: The Appealing Rabbit – Alphabet Cards

  1. I have always used flash cards, played eye spy, sang the alphabet song and continually point to letters seen on signs, in books, on food packaging etc.

  2. I put the alphabet on her bedroom wall and every night we went through it, she learnt it really quick πŸ™‚

  3. We often spell words out phonetically as we say them, stressing the sound of the first letter. We also use letters in the bath to make words and say the letters as we work.

  4. My girl isn’t two yet but loves to try and sing the alphabet and loves to repeat letters after I say them.

  5. We’re just starting with learning letters. Currently using foam letters that stick to the side of the bath. They seem to be working well as a first step, but these cards look like they’d be a great addition to that.

  6. We’re starting to introduce the idea of letters to our LO with the foam letters in the bath, magnetic letters on a board etc. It’s very early days yet with her but these cards look brilliant.

  7. My son is three. We are just starting to learn the alphabet. I sing it to him and point letters out on signs.

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