Always Have Hot Food and Drinks with Thermos

At this time of year there are times when you just need a hot cup of tea and there isn’t always somewhere to buy one. Plus, if you’re like me, you’ll begrudge spending up to £2 on a cup of tea on the basis that it’s only water, milk and a tea bag anyway!

For years I have had a trusty Thermos flask, a family sizes one with plastic cups that we would take on all our days out and adventures but when Thermos asked if we’d like to review products from their range I knew it was time to get more personal Thermos products – ones that Hubby and I can use individually and that won’t take up much space when we’re out for the day, at work or travelling.

Hubby commutes to work, over an hour each way, and always takes a trusty travel mug with him. This was the perfect opportunity to upgrade his existing travel cups and the Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler looked perfect. With a choice of colour options and a generous 470ml capacity it looked great for the job.


Hubby has found that the Thermos Travel Tumbler keeps his drinks hot for literally hours. It also has a DrinkLock sealing lid which stops it spilling in his bag and is a great feature and a necessity in a busy lifestyle.


The Travel Tumbler can also be used to keep drinks cold in the summer and fits well into our car cup holders too. This is a really valuable product for anyone that loves a hot – or cold – drink on the go and Hubby is really pleased with it.


In Hubby’s day job he doesn’t always have access to somewhere to heat lunch up and so often relies on sandwiches – even in the middle of the night – or buying food whilst at work which is an added expense we’d prefer to avoid. Thermos also sent us their Stainless King Food Flask which I thought would be perfect for those times at work where he has a brief time to eat on the go but would love to have a hot meal or even just some soup.


The first thing I noticed about the Food Flask is how easy it is to fill. The lid screws off to reveal a screw cap with place to store the handy folding spoon and once this is removed the flask has a really big opening making it a breeze to both fill and eat from.


We’ve used the Food Flask for every kind of meal from bolognese to soups and casseroles and each time the meal has tasted just as good once we’ve got around to eating it. It is kept hot for hours and the quality of the food remains the same. This has literally revolutionised Hubby’s breaks at work and we use it all the time when we go for days out too.


Thermos have a great range of products to suit every aspect of your lifestyle and they are a brand that literally grows with you. I remember having Thermos tea in the back of the car as a child and now my own children are seeing us enjoy the same Thermos tea on our own adventures – and hot food too!

The Thermos Travel Tumbler has an RRP of £26.95 and the Food Flask has an RRP of £27.95


Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own

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  1. The food flask sounds awesome! I have a travel mug but don’t like to put soup on it so fab to have one especially for food xxx

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