The End of The Great British Budget!

So I have now been doing The Great British Budget for a month and have loved taking part. I’ve had daily emails from the YourWealth team with Barnaby’s Budgeting Tips, I’ve been trying to stick to my own personal budget and have been using the YourWealth Money Hub to help me through the month.

As everyone knows, I love to budget, I love to save money and I love to get a bargain! Unfortunately, I fell down at the final hurdle – My car died at the end of last week and I had to get it fixed this week. £210 later and the budget has been blown!

BUT this shows that you have to have some kind of contingency for every eventuality. We do have a car account that we pay £100 a month into to cover the MOT, insurance and tax but it doesn’t usually cover any repairs. I think that we have more than enough in this account to cover this week’s mechanic costs but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and sort our money out yet!

I have learnt a lot over the last month and it has reaffirmed a lot of things I already knew – I have to keep an eye on our spending regularly, even daily. I also need to keep track of our utility bills and a spreadsheet is a necessity for us! Meal planning and our grocery shop continues to be one of the few ways I can still save money after cutting back on every other aspect of our life and finally, a lot of budgeting for me is about making extra money rather than saving money as there really is only so much you can save.

Thanks to the YourWealth team for the February Challenge and for letting me be a part of it! If you’re looking to keep track of your finances and your day to day spending you can use the Your Wealth Money Hub to help with your budgeting.

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