Redhead Box Swap with EllieBearBabi

I have made a lot of friends through Twitter and blogging and one of those is Vicki at EllieBearBabi. We both love blogging, love to chat and have gorgeous little redhead Daughters. Vicki suggested a little while ago that we do a ‘Redhead’ box swap and that spiralled into exchanging boxes of gifts for our children.


I’ve never done a box swap before – I know they’re popular amongst beauty blogs and I thought that buying a box of goodies for Vicki and her Little Mini would be lovely – We set a £20 budget and I started deciding what to buy. There were so many things I could have bought but wanted to stick within budget – It was nerve racking, I really hoped Vicki would love her box of gifts! You can see the box of treats that I sent EllieBearBabi over on her blog today!


EllieBearBabi is not only Vicki’s blog but also her business. She creates such beautiful handmade craft items from Bibs and Nursing Scarves to a variety of baby keepsakes. Her beautiful handmade style and her focus on the little touches really showed in the box swap – Packages were received for both LP and Little Man, each was in a lovely cellophane parcel sealed with an ‘EllieBearBabi’ sticker and Vicki’s beautifully handwritten note was on quirky, crafty notepaper that suits her completely. I loved the little touches!


LP’s gift contained a Dr Seuss Cat in The Hat Top. It’s so bright and funky! I love the double layer sleeves and the bold image – We love to dress LP in the brightest of colours and things to make a statement, she’s never been one to merge into the background and I think that goes for most redheads – No matter how old! LP was also given a Minnie Mouse drinks bottle that is fantastic! I’ve been looking to invest in an ‘older’ drinks bottle and get away from the ‘toddler’ style straw bottles that she has at the moment. LP has also recently found Disney and loves all things Mickey and Minnie although she calls Minnie ‘Princess Mickey’! Last but by no means least LP received a bottle of De-tangling Spray for her gorgeous but unruly hair! This was such a thoughtful gift as it’s something we could have used on countless occasions and will now use religiously – I’d never even thought to get a product like this but I have written recently about the trouble we have keeping LP’s hair under control – I’m sure this will really go towards helping tame her mane!


Little Man’s parcel had a bright red Dr Seuss T-Shirt in it which complimented his Sister’s top perfectly and was a great colour for our Little Man – So bright and completely different to other clothes that he has. I love it! The redheaded theme was also continued with Little Man’s very own little Redheaded dragon, chosen by Vicki’s Mini! Such a cute toy and not a brand I’ve come across before, I love finding new companies so I look forward to finding more items for the babies from Happy Horse.

Thanks so much Vicki for this fantastic box swap! It’s great how you can know people really well and not even have met them! The wonder of Twitter :) Check out her gorgeous blog – EllieBearBabi!

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