2 Years with the Silver Cross Surf

I realised recently that it’s been over two years since we started using our Silver Cross Surf and the matching Surf Board – buggy board. The Surf has lasted longer than any other pushchair in our lives since we became parents – and any regular reader will know that we have road tested a fair few – but the Surf has been consistent, so much so that I thought I should write about it.

Review: Silver Cross Surf 2

When we first started using the Silver Cross Surf Little Man was a year old and his sister wasn’t quite three. It was a time where she wanted to walk everywhere, where we were trying to get rid of our double pushchair and where LP was starting preschool shortly after. Looking back at that time in our lives the Surf was perfect for us.

LP started using the buggy board straight away and as she was still so little there were days when her legs got tired from standing – so she sat on the board instead. Little Man would happily sit in the pushchair, sleep in it and remain content on the school run – or wherever else we went.

The Surf and Surf Board have been invaluable to us since LP started preschool and it has been our transport every day since then – and so nice to be able to hook the board out of the way after she was safely at school.

My only criticism has always been the size of the Surf basket – it won’t win any prizes for size or shape but it’s perfect for LP’s book bag, a drink, keys and phone – as well as the other things you collect to and from school. It’s not a pushchair for big shopping trips but it’s one that is perfect for family life and one that I am just so glad we have had.

Now, LP is nearly five, Little Man is three and we still have a mile walk to school and back. Up until recently LP has still been using the Surf Board as her legs grew tired on the walk to school but since the sun came out and the weather got nicer she’s been scooting to school – and the Surf has been put away.

I realised that our days of using the Silver Cross Surf are coming to an end and it actually makes me quite sad. Over the last two years the school run would have been unbearable without it. Even with LP standing on the Surf Board it was a dream to push, it went up and down kerbs easily and even as a fairly average three year old Little Man has been comfortable in the pushchair.

When I reviewed the Silver Cross Surf I loved it – and two years on I still love it. It’s the perfect pushchair for any age gap siblings – and a great investment for a first child, with the Surf Board being a great option for the future. I know that if we’d invested in the Surf when LP was born we wouldn’t have needed another pushchair in our lives until now, when a simple stroller will do. Being able to say that makes me so proud of the Surf – as I know that no other pushchair we have tried over the last five years has ever come close to having that long lasting appeal to a growing family.

So now, we are packing away the Surf and Little Man is travelling to school in the Silver Cross Zest, whilst his sister scoots off ahead. But I know, before long, he’ll be scooting too and our pushchair days will be numbered!

So, thanks Silver Cross for two years of making our lives so much easier and for fitting so seamlessly into family life. I am sure that the last two years would have been so much harder without the Surf in them.

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Disclosure: Two years ago I was sent the Silver Cross Surf and Surf Board to review however I was not asked to write an update but I wanted to. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love that you love a pushchair so much! We have the Silver Cross Pioneer and are about to take Q out of the bassinet into the pushchair part. I love it so far – although the wheels don’t always glide over dropped kerbs as nicely as I expected – and hope to get plenty of use from it. That buggy board looks so useful – unfortunately, O is a little big for one of those! x
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